About Kelsey

I'm Kelsey. I think, strategize, write and edit for a living. People call me a lot of names, like writer, copywriter, copyeditor, proofreader, bookworm and that strange girl with purple pen on her nose. I live in speculative fiction novels and short stories. I call comic books and graphic novels sequential art. I prefer oxford (aka serial) commas, but if you're paying attention you will notice I have omitted them to avoid controversy. I received a secondary degree in art history and am now what the experts consider "visually literate." I thrive on learning, and I learn with every new brand I meet, every new article I undertake, every new story I am tasked to tell. 

I started Unicorn Writer because writing came naturally to me but writing well took effort. I like to think that's true for a lot of other writers out there. If you're interested in collaborating or talking the written word shop, contact me