Unicorn Writer is a blog for magical writers everywhere.

The blog posts on this site are about mistakes, because every writer is human and every human errs. But when we learn from those errors and work to improve the state of our prose and copy, something magical can happen. There will be no red pens, no grammar police or grammar ridicule. Just advice and realizations and learnings in a rainbow-colored package. 


About Kelsey

I'm Kelsey. I think, strategize, write and edit for a living. People call me a lot of names, like writer, copywriter, copyeditor, proofreader, bookworm and that strange girl with purple pen on her nose. I live in speculative fiction novels and short stories. I call comic books and graphic novels sequential art. I prefer oxford (aka serial) commas, but if you're paying attention you will notice I have omitted them to avoid controversy. I received a secondary degree in art history and am now what the experts consider "visually literate." I thrive on learning, and I learn with every new brand I meet, every new article I undertake, every new story I am tasked to tell. 

I started Unicorn Writer because writing came naturally to me but writing well took effort. I like to think that's true for a lot of other writers out there. If you're interested in collaborating or talking the written word shop, contact me