Connect with your audiences — like magic.


The right words can enchant your audience. They can connect someone miles away — an ocean away — with your brand and your value. They can change lives for the better, lift up people around the world, bridge gaps in knowledge and ideas.

Yet, most words we run across online never cast their rainbows. They tend to float about the interwebs in a mess of error-ridden sentences, "me-focused" language, thrown-together content that clouds your audience from understanding your message and — more importantly — that special something you can offer them and the world. 

Embrace the magical horn of the Unicorn Writer. With our help, you can uncover the right words that help you truly make a difference.




Online Content Marketing

Do you struggle creating content that is authentic to you and your brand — and all the while has your unicorn audience clicking the love button? 

I can help, with specialties in: 

  • Content marketing strategy and execution

  • Website copywriting

  • Website copyediting/wordsmithing

  • Blog calendar creation

  • Blog post writing and/or editing

  • Email campaigns

  • Social media guide and plan


Brand Development

Don't let poor, boring or misguided branding puncture your amazing product or service. I can help your brand beam like the sparkling, rare unicorn it is. Look to an outside professional perspective for: 

  • "Unicorn audience" discovery

  • Naming

  • Tagline development

  • Site map recommendations

  • Website copywriting



Copyediting & Wordsmithing

"Who will even notice a little error now and again?" First, I will. (The Unicorn Writer is always reading.) Second, your audience most likely will, too. And they will not like seeing (or sensing) errors. 

Errors take up their precious time. Errors lessen their perception of your brand value. Errors shout laziness and apathy. 

But they are easily avoidable. I offer to you: 

  • Copyediting (AP Style)

  • Wordsmithing

  • Proofreading

  • Editorial style guide development